Some noticeable changes are taking place in the exciting world of team building. As we progress into 2019, companies are wise to pay close attention to these principles and innovations to create more effective teams in their workplaces.

A Drive Towards Smaller Groups to Increase Learning Opportunities

The next major trend that will continue to develop in 2018 is the move towards smaller team sizes. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ has a “two pizza rule” which states that if you can’t feed your group with just two pizzas, then your group is too large to be productive.

Larger teams run into countless obstacles that slow down their productivity and efficiency. There’s more communication occurring, more conflict, more chaos, and a high chance that someone will be left out or won’t pull their weight (social facilitation versus social loafing). In a small group, the contribution of each individual team member is necessary for the group to succeed. As a result, small teams are more engaged in whatever project they’re working on. Consider that 42% of people at companies with less than 10 employees reported being engaged at work compared to 30% at bigger companies. Simply put, smaller teams work better together.

When it comes to team building, smaller groups result in a more effective team building day. Smaller groups tend to open up more and are more willing to get involved in activities. They also enjoy increased individual effort and engagement.

We recommend tackling team building on a small scale at first. Team building can be done between small groups within the same department of an organization. Then, you can bring in other departments and mix up the teams. This lets your employees get involved in company-wide team building as well.

When working with a new client, EPIC ADVENTURES plays close attention to the size of the company and studies the different roles, functions and hierarchy within your organization in order to design a team building event with the right size of group in mind to achieve maximum benefit.

Company Culture is Becoming a Focal Point for Team Engagement

Team building is leaning towards a focus on employee engagement rather than teamwork alone. There’s no surprise there, considering the fact that team building increases employee engagement which, in turn, increases company revenue and drastically reduces employee turnover. Better yet, team building with a heavy focus on company culture is even better.

Company culture is essentially the personality of the company. It includes the values, ethics, goals, missions, and expectations of the company. Traditional company culture is fairly individualistic. Today, the modern company culture is vastly team-based and encourages all levels of participation. Think about Google. The company’s fun and casual culture is based on engaged, teamwork-centered employees.

Team building that focuses on company culture strengthens the ties between departments as everyone aligns themselves with company values. EPIC ADVENTURES’ team building events break the mold of traditional team building and infuses a focus on company culture and challenges each individual to think about their role in the culture, creating a foundation for an engaged employee workforce.

If you want to get your company involved in team building, contact us at EPIC ADVENTURES and we’ll help you set up an event!

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