Types of Sessions

All of our services are customizable depending upon your needs. Pricing will depend upon the size of your group and the length of the services you are requesting. Events are scheduled based on availability.

Family Sessions

We can work with families of all sizes. Our family groups will help you strengthen your family’s relationships, increase positive communication patterns and gain insight into the relationship dynamics. This is a great alternative to traditional talk therapy or it could be used to supplement existing on-going family therapy. Family sessions can be anywhere from 2-5 hours long depending on the size of the family and ages of the family members.

**We are even able to be scheduled for your next family reunion!

Couples Sessions

During couples sessions, we will work with couples in helping to strengthen bonding, enhance trust and to encourage positive communication patterns utilizing nature and adventure elements such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

Individual sessions

This is perfect for the person looking to break out of the traditional model of therapy. Instead of a sitting with four walls around you, consider having a therapy session while sitting in a kayak floating down the Loxahatchee river.



EPIC Adventures hosts a series of special programs periodically throughout the year focused on relevant topics and special populations including:

EPIC GIRL for pre-teen girls focusing on self esteem, boundaries, communication, trust & identity development

EPIC WELLNESS RETREATS designed to strengthen sense of self and mind-body connection and intensify awareness

EPIC MOM focused on developing identity, empowerment & strengthening relationships

EPIC COUPLES focused on communication, trust building and strengthening bonds

These workshops are offered a few times a year and have limited space available.  Like us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with our current workshop schedule!

Modalities that we use:

Low ROPES activities

Low Ropes activities focus on collaboration; the challenges, games and initiatives call upon every member of the group to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. These activities take place in various parks in the area and usually involve various props. These types of groups are accessible to a variety of individuals and can be customized to fit the needs of your group.


Kayaks are a wonderful way to explore teamwork and problem solving abilities. We use double and single kayaks to create learning objectives and to challenge problem solving abilities. You do not need to have kayaking experience to participate in our kayaking groups. Kayaking groups are comprised of  4-12 people.


Our snorkeling groups really focus around the idea of learning mindfulness and gaining insight into one’s self.  These groups are considered an advanced group due to the higher risk of being in the water. Scheduling a snorkeling group will involve working around the times of the tide.


Utilizing the hiking trails of our local parks, our hiking groups allow for exploration of the lessons that nature has to offer us. During these hikes we practice mindfulness and meditation, along with the occasional structured activity to help challenge the process. Geocaching is a favorite activity of ours as it can push you off the beaten trail.


Bicycles! A childhood favorite for many. Cycling groups provide opportunities for environmental exploration, insight into self, a challenge to problem solving abilities, and lessons in mindfulness.

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