The term “wellness” encompasses a complete assessment of self and one’s level of functioning in various life areas. We all want wellness. When we have wellness we are living a healthy and holistic lifestyle that lends itself to increased productivity and feelings of happiness. I encourage you to think of wellness as a circle cut into tiny triangles like a pie. Each slice of this pie representing a specific area of our life. When the slices are full and proportioned we create a beautiful circle with great symmetry. But what if some of the slices are lacking or lopsided. Then, theoretically, we are not well. Dr Mark Liponis’ book on ultralongevity discusses how wellness is related to our immune system. Strengthening the idea that our minds and bodies are connected and highly influenced by one another. Therefore, by integrating healthier and more balanced practices in our life we improve our physical health.

Adventure therapy creates a platform for individuals to assess their own wellness “circle” through kinesthetic learning and critical thinking. Clients engage in activities to determine their level of functioning throughout various life areas. This helps create a holistic picture of health and identifies areas that’s should be considered a strength and areas that may need improvement.

Very simple approach to increasing wellness practices in your life is to think about the five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, taste. Strive to include pleasurable experiences for each of the five senses your life on a regular basis. Include relaxing sounds on your daily commute such as music with soothing rhythms. Smell, the sense with the biggest neurological impact, can make a significant difference in your health. Consider including pleasant aromas into your daily routines. Touch is a primal part of our human instinct. We can meet out touch needs by giving hugs when appropriate. Even a quick hug with a person can create improved physiological response.  Minimally keep soft and calming textures near you or consider a regular massage. We all know the importance of a healthy balanced diet but make sure to include regular consumption of food that you truly enjoy. And when you taste delicious food truly savor the pleasure that comes from the experience. Lastly, surround yourself with beautiful scenery. Either through real life experiences or imagery such or pictures or paintings. As a resident of South Florida the beautiful landscapes provided by mother nature are abundant. Simply walking outside can create this joy for you.

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